About Roselily


‘Roselily’ is a collective term for a unique series of double-flowering lilies with exceptionally positive characteristics.

First of all, these Roselily varieties do not have the heavily spicy scent so characteristic of some lilies. Secondly, their flowers produce no pollen – once again, an important advantage over traditional lilies. And thirdly, Roselily varieties are especially attractive. As their flowers open, what they most resemble is a rose. No wonder this series was named for two flowers: the rose and the lily. The natural beauty of two flowers combined into one!

Increase lily demand
We are committed to make Roselily an international brand of pollen-free double-flowering lilies that produce a minimum number of petals of a certain level of quality. Which are sweet and less fragrant, and that have a longer vase life than single-flowering lilies. We are convinced that this type of lily can eventually enlarge the demand for lilies. The reasons why consumers rarely buy lilies – if at all – are often their strong scent and the stains resulting from their pollen. It is this group in particular that are responding so enthusiastically to the Roselily collection




The Roselily series was developed by De Looff Lily Innovation. This company run by the brothers Tonny, Martin and Johan de Looff was originally engaged in lily forcing. Always looking for new varieties, they often visited plant breeders. This inspired them to start breeding themselves: in 1993 they launched their own plant breeding programme. A few years later, the brothers discovered a spontaneous mutation: a freak of nature in the form of a double-flowering lily and Roselily was born!

  • 1997  Founded by De Looff Innovation
  • 2001 – Discovery of double flower seedlings
  • 2004 – First series double flowering Oriental
  • 2008 – Start De Looff Innovation Bulb growers association Roselilies
  • 2010 – Roselily® registered as a brand
  • 2011 – Start production of Roselily Belonica ® and Roselily Fabiola ®
  • 2013 – Introducing seven more varieties
  • 2014 – Increasing marketing Roselily
  • 2015 – Roselily Collection available at Flora Holland
  • 2016 – Worldwide availability of Roselily
  • 2017 & 2018  – Introducing more varieties

Future Roselily generations
The breeding of Roselily varieties, too, is taking great strides in development. Over the last eight years, varieties have been selected that display even more improvements in length, upward-facing flowers and beauty. The selection of white orientals coming up are very promising.

For the professional flower industry, exclusively available at:

Zabo Plant B.V. Japan & USA

Roselily flowers

Roselily flowers in the Netherlands are exclusively grown by Moerman Lilium and de Jong Flowers. For worldwide sales contact your local wholesale flower distributor or your favorite flower shop. Please check the contactpage for more information.


Zabo Plant B.V. Japan & USA