Natural Beauty

A lily that resembles a rose: the natural beauty of two flowers combined into one!

No pollen

Roselily has no pollen and is lovely perfumed. Perfect for use in bouquets!

Long vase life

Additionally, the individual flowers last approximately four days longer than most Oriental lilies!


Roselily, the new pollen free Oriental lily with a light pleasant fragrance.  That’s right, no more pollen on clothing after handling them!*


The USPs of Roselily can only be seen in the flowering stage. Roselily flowers are pollen free and have at least a double amount of petals. Also the sweet fragrance and excellent vase and pot life even with open flowers are strong features. Roselilies can be sold in an open stage, just as roses. Just as with other lily varieties, the successors to the existing Roselily varieties are currently being bred.*

The breeding of Roselily varieties, too, is taking great strides in development. Over the last ten years, varieties have been selected that display even more improvements in length, upward-facing flowers and beauty. The selection of white Orientals coming up are very promising.

*Roselily is a natural product. In some situations, the Roselily flower can produce pollen.



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