Right now, Roselily bulbs are on their way to be planted in gardens all over Europe. But if you bought them, how to plant..

Plant the bulbs, as soon as possible after you received them, 12-15 cm deep and 15 cm apart. Choose a spot in full sun or partial shade. Prepare a large hole and put the bulbs with the point upwards in the ground. They are thirsty, so lets give them plenty of water!

Roselily bulbs and calcium are not friends at all, they prefer acidic soil. If you want to improve the soil, you can add some compost or fertilizer! To get the best results, ad fertilizer regularly when watering. Roselily bulbs can stay in the same place for years!

Lilies can be affected from a bright red beetle. Catch the beetles in the spring, to prevent them from eating the leaves. Cover the lily bulbs in winter with a layer of leaves to protect them from severe frost. Pot lily bulbs prefer to stay indoors during frosty winters!

Good luck and let them grow!

PS. You are more then welcome to share some pictures of your blooming Roselily!

For more info and bulbs, check www.deree-holland.com or www.bakker-hillegom.nl.

bulbs on their way to garden in Europe

bulbs on their way to garden in Europe