Care tips to cut Roselilies


Shorten the stem of your Roselily by about 4 centimeters. 1
2 Fill your vase with clean water and add some cut flower food.

When putting the lilies in the vase, take care that the leaves don’t touch the water. Remove some leaves from the stem if necessary.
4 Roselilies need a lot of water. Refill the vase regularly and replace dirty water.
You will be able to enjoy your Roselilies for 12 to 14 days!

Care tips to pot Roselilies


The potted lily needs plenty of light but does not like bright sunlight. 1
2 The soil in the pot needs to be kept moist.

The lily will keep longest at a temperature between 15 and 20ºC. Once flowers are past their best, we recommend you remove them in order to keep the lily as attractive as possible.
4 The potted lily will be happy on your balcony or patio during the summer months, so that you can enjoy them indoors and out.
Roselilies are not for consumption

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