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Roselily arrangements by Brad Austin

Van den Bos Flowerbulbs B.V. asked US based flower designer Brad Austin to make some exciting arrangements with Roselilies during the Sino Dutch Lily Days China in Liaoning. Beautiful!

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‘BEST SMELLER’ now available at

Roselilies as ‘BEST SMELLER’ are now available at in the United States. Sold in a bunch called SASHA, Roselily flowers seem to have made real friends, according to
“If there’s any bloom that could steal our hearts away from fan-fave peonies, it’s rose lilies! They’re fierce yet feminine, bloom like a peony and smell […]

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Roselily test @ OZ Export

During the Lily weeks, OZ Export had the chance to try out the new Roselilies by Moerman Liliums. Several Liliums were tested at the office of OZ Export in Aalsmeer (NL). The newcomers were also tested with different wholesalers to try-out the quality and popularity of the flowers!

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Roselily flowers at the Dutch flower auction!

The first white Roselily flowers of 2016 are available at the Dutch flower auction on Thursday, May 12th.

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Roselily launches its ‘per bud’ concept

Lilies are not necessarily reserved for owners of spacious homes. Together with CNB and Moerman Lilium, Roselily introduced a new presentation form at the FloraHolland Trade Fair: ‘per bud’. This is a brand new concept made even more tempting with attractive consumer packaging. The prototype was greeted with many positive reactions during the trade fair […]

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Roselily bulbs on their way to gardens all over Europe!

Right now, Roselily bulbs are on their way to be planted in gardens all over Europe. But if you bought them, how to plant..

Plant the bulbs, as soon as possible after you received them, 12-15 cm deep and 15 cm apart. Choose a spot in full sun or partial shade. Prepare a large hole […]

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New Roselily sleeves have arrived in Australia

These beautifull sleeves have arrived at Sunny Hill Flowers in Australia.

For more information about Roselily’s eastcoast (Sunny Hill) and Perth area (Floraco), please contact VandenBos Australia.

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